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Civica Election Services

Civica Election Services (CES) are the UK’s leading provider of election services, with over 100 years' experience of administering elections, ballots, and consultation processes. CESvotes is a secure nomination and online voting platform, available as a managed service from the UK’s leading provider of ballot and election services. CESvotes is a simple and accessible cloud-based application, which can be configured to handle a wide range of ballot and election types including First Past The Post (X-voting), Preferential Voting (STV) and Proxy Voting. CESvotes is responsively designed for use on desktop and mobile devices. The platform works in tandem with postal, SMS, telephone voting and can include video content to help engage voters and maximise turnout. CESjoinIN is a cloud solution which securely connects people to live events with video, Q&A and voting through their web browser, helping you to increase engagement and event attendance, whether in person, or online.

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