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Can Citizens Influence Europarty Manifestos?

As the 2024 EU election campaigns loom, the question arises: How can ordinary citizens play a more active role in shaping the activities of Europarties? To shed light on this vital issue, we spoke to Alberto Alemanno, founder of The Good Lobby.

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Preventing Green Backlashes

The recent ULEZ protests in London were just the latest in a series of backlashes against new climate policies. Green participatory platforms could be the key to ensuring that new measures are fair and meet with widespread public approval.

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Brussels Permanent Citizens’ Assembly on Climate

Brussels is now home to the world’s first permanent Citizens’ Assembly on Climate. Can permanent climate assemblies like this one help overcome the short term thinking of representative democracy and make our societies stronger and more cohesive?

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Do citizens assemblies, despite having no legislative power, bring democracy forward?


Don’t Use Deliberative Democracy to Distract From Regulation

The idea that AI regulation should be shaped by a global citizens’ assembly seems to be gaining in popularity. But when tech companies themselves are behind these deliberative processes, it can end up looking less like a credible effort to democratise, and more like a distraction from the effort to regulate quickly.

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Open-source Software: Balancing Pros and Cons for Government Leaders

Previous guest articles have argued for and against open-source software for digital democracy. In this guest article Wietse van Ransbeeck of CitizenLab adds the option of ‘open-code’ to the debate – and advocates for a combination.

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