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Scan a QR-Code and Participate – The Story of PLACEm

Interview | PLACEm, an easy-to-use, location-based participation app is a finalist in the Innovation in Politics Awards in the category of Democracy Technologies. Gregor Dehmel co-founded Politik zum Anfassen, which published PLACEm. We talked to him about his experiences in the project, from hiring developers to bringing the app to the users.

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Subway station in Kyiv serves as raid shelter

Finding Shelter, Voting on Petitions and More – The Kyiv Digital App

In 2018, city leaders agreed on an ambitious plan to digitise Kyiv. A twenty-one-point transformation plan was created, including everything from cyber security to big data. The Kyiv Digital app was part of this broader push to digitise, aimed specifically at increasing accessibility for citizens. To date, the app has over 2 million downloads out […]

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Democracy Technologies at the Innovation in Politics Awards Convention

On 11 May, leaders and political innovators from across Europe will gather at the Palace of Culture in Warsaw for this year’s Innovation in Politics Awards. This year they are held as a day-long convention with a special focus on Democracy Technologies.

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Vote now

Do you think our democracies are well protected against cyber saboteurs?

Getting started

Making Political Primaries More Democratic

Can alternative voting methods help to make political primaries more democratic, while also reducing the risk posed by polarising candidates?

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Group discussion

Doing Deliberative Democracy Right

What does good practice in deliberative democracy and open government look like, in practice? Democracy Technologies took the OECD’s 11 point checklist of Good Practice Principles and checked them against the Barcelona Youth Forum.

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