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Tomáš Halász and Filip Strýčko of Trollwall. Black and white portraits on a colorful background.

How TrollWall Tackles Online Hate with AI

Online hate and disinformation have significantly clouded public discourse, polarising conversations and marginalising voices, particularly those of women and vulnerable groups. Through cutting-edge AI, TrollWall moderates online debates and comments, aiming to mitigate the harmful effects of online hate and foster inclusivity.

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9 Partners Governments Can Team up With to Counter Disinformation

the use of social media as a source for information has made the spread of disinformation easier. Governments they can partner with or support other organisations and institutions in countering disinformation.

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How Governments Can Fight Disinformation with High-quality Communication

to fight disinformation, preventing a falsehood from taking hold in the first place is far easier than trying to debunk it after it has spread.

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Austin Mackell, CEO of Stone Transparency.

Only Research Transparency Can Defeat Disinformation

Disinformation is a major threat to democracy. The answer, argues Austin Mackell, CEO of Stone Transparency, argues that we need new forms of transparency in journalism so that readers can decide for themselves who to trust.

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Parlameter: Increasing Civic Engagement through Digital Transparency

Digital transparency tools make it easier for political institutions to share information with the public – but does transparency lead to a more engaged and politically active public? We looked into the story of Parlameter, an online tool for enhancing transparency, to see how it promotes public engagement at both the national and local level.

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Deep Fakes, Disinformation and Democratic Elections

Artificial Intelligence's ever-increasing sophistication (generative AI in particular) and the ability to create fake yet authentic-looking media is taking its toll on already strained electoral processes. Here’s a look at the role of disinformation and ‘deep fake’ content in a couple of elections. One recent. And one on the horizon.

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Defending Democracy Against ‘Team Jorge’ and Cyber Saboteurs

Democracy’s destruction has become a lucrative business, highlighting the fact that its defence requires ‘eternal vigilance’. We spoke to Patrick Penninckx, Head of Department for Information Society at the Council of Europe and Peter Wolf of the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance, to ask them what’s being done — and what else needs to be.

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Upgrades, Allocations and Destabilisations

CitizenLab releases a new feature, journalists reveal anti-democratic operations and participatory budgets in the US set for a huge boost.

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Will Strategic Trolling Affect Digital Participatory Democracy?

Disinformation has long infected discourse in digital spaces. But with the digitisation of participatory processes, is there a risk that this affects democratic outcomes directly?

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Building Automated, Personalised and Transparent Government Services

Zencity is dual headquartered in New York and Tel Aviv and works with more than 300 small, medium and large local governments around the world to improve trust through improved services.

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