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Portrait photo of Daniel Mackisack

Bolsonaro’s Lies about Voting Machines Threaten Democracy

Trump has done it, Borisov has done it, and for a while now Bolsonaro has been doing it too: Spreading lies about voting machines to feed doubts about the outcome of a democratic election.

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AI Have a Dream

Artificial intelligence can certainly play a supporting role in our democratic future, but it won't be the main character.

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Reluctant Digital Immigrants: Why So Many in Government Resist e–Democracy

e-democracy has tremendous potential to close the democratic gap. Yet many in government see it as a threat to familiar ways of doing things.

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Dubravka Šuica, Vice President of the European Commission

Democratic Innovation in the EU Goes Local

Vice-President of the European Commission, Dubravka Šuica, writes about the lasting inpact of the Conference on the Future of Europe on EU Democracy. She outlines the important role of local administrations as well as digital participation tools in this.

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Why Open Source Software for Public Institutions is a Bad Idea

Expecting future generations to simply devote their time and energy to the creation of amazing products and then simply give them away without any compensation is not only naive, it is senseless. Big challenges require big solutions, and these cannot be tackled by a decentralized team without any clear focus or goal.

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Portrait of Romy Grasgruber-Kerl

Why Open Source is a Must for Digital Participation Platforms

Public interest needs to be at the heart of every decision we make regarding democracy technologies. Our democracies depend on the trust of voters and their faith in the democratic process. The best way to cultivate trust is through openness. That’s why open source is the natural fit for digital democratic solutions.

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Portrait of Anthony Zacharzewski democratic society

Why its Time for a New Approach to Civic Tech

As the leader of an organisation working every day on democratic innovation and citizen participation, it feels like the wave of civic tech innovation we saw at the start of the decade has lost momentum.

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How the most innovative political parties use democracy technologies

Political parties are essential institutions of democracy. For this article, we talked to executives of some of the most innovative parties across Europe, to find out which democracy technologies they use, and how they make the most of it.

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Portrait of Edward Strasser, Founder of Democracy Technologies and Innovation in Politics Institute

Putting Citizens First

Not everyone is happy with how the UK's next Prime Minister is being chosen. But seen as part of a broader trend towards digital democratic participation, it is an important step in the right direction.

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