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Behind the Scenes on Open Source Democracy Technology

We decided to shine a light on the motivations, challenges and views, of some of the dedicated open source developers who spend countless hours building and bug-fixing the democratic tools and platforms of the future.

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Decent Digital ID – I Want It and Democracy Needs It

While we weren’t looking, identity systems for now critical parts of our lives became an absolute mess. Perhaps it’s time we did something about that.

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Barcelona Voted First ‘European Capital of Democracy’

The city impressed a citizens jury, with projects including Decidim — a modular open source digital participation platform now in use around the world.

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Access, Accessibility and Alleged Fraud

Wheelchair access is won in Denver's first participatory budget, New South Wales removes i-voting affecting vision impaired citizens, and Bolsonaro supporters storm congressional buildings in Brazil.

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Kosmo was launched at the Berlin office of Liquid Democracy

Exploring AI Moderation – A ‘Kosmo’ Journey

A group of Germany-based organisations recently launched a prototype AI experiment which aims to radically improve online deliberation and help moderators by analysing and elevating quality contributions.

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Building Automated, Personalised and Transparent Government Services

Zencity is dual headquartered in New York and Tel Aviv and works with more than 300 small, medium and large local governments around the world to improve trust through improved services.

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‘Fluid’ Representation, Improved Deliberation and ‘Liquid Democracy’

Moritz Ritter is the Managing Director of Liquid Democracy - a Berlin based non-profit based on the concept of the same name. Here, he talks to us about the importance of creating more 'fluid' forms of political engagement and improving both deliberative and representative processes through technology.

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Building Trust Through Transparent Voting

Shai Bargil is co-founder and CEO of Sequent – an Israeli e-voting start-up building an end-to-end verifiable online voting platform for public and private sector elections. We spoke to him about his motivations, the need for trust and the future demand for transparent electronic voting platforms.

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Depositions, Digital Registers and the Impact of Citizen Assemblies

Nigeria's digital register runs into trouble, France implements a ban based on input from a citizen assembly and Fox Chairman Rupert Murdoch is questioned about Dominion Voting Systems.

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Tech for Justice – Helping Zimbabweans With Civil and Constitutional Rights

Courteney Mukoyi is founder of the Justice Code Foundation and leader behind the development of Astrea Justice — a tool that helps citizens in Zimbabwe navigate their civil and constitutional rights. On November 9, he received the Council of Europe’s Democracy Innovation Award.

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This Week in Democracy Technology: Blockchain Voting, Bolsonaro Rejected and the World Bank Upgrades Cambodia’s GovTech Rating

Bolsonaro's election challenge rejected by the courts, voting machine issues in the USA ruled a "miscommunication", the World Bank upgrades Cambodia's GovTech rating and South Korea to develop blockchain-based voting.

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Challenges in Digital Participation Across Europe

Our team has been speaking to leaders and professionals from across Europe. We asked them to describe some of the challenges they’ve faced in implementing participatory processes using technology. Answers included mobilising the population, engaging different age groups and getting politicians to take action.

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This Week in Democracy Technology: AI Moderation, Police Surveys and a Citizen Climate Council

A group of German organizations launch an initiative to develop AI to assist moderation on participatory platforms, Londoners are being invited to tell the police how they feel, and Brussels announces a citizen assembly tasked with drafting climate recommendations.

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Democracy Technologies in Action Across Europe

We asked leaders and professionals from across Europe to give us an example of a citizen participation process supported by digital technologies that has been implemented in their municipality or area of work.

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This Week in Democracy Technology: US Midterms Run Smooth and New Participatory Budgets Launch

No major fraud and only one instance of technical trouble involving voting machines reported in US midterms, Potsdam finishes voting on a participatory budget, while new PBs launch in North Carolina and the Dominican Republic.

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