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This Week in Democracy Technology: US Midterms and a Fellowship Opportunity

Calls are open for a Democracy Tech Entrepreneur Fellowship. Until the 20th of November the Alliance for Democracies, an EU based non-profit seeking to strengthen and revitalise the world’s democracies, is taking applications from citizens of Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, and Armenia with an established business and an innovative solution to challenges facing democracy. The US […]

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A distributed, decentralised network.

Politics on the Blockchain

So-called Decentralised Autonomous Organisations (DAOs) are now forming Political Parties, and even attempting to form States. Here’s why that deserves our attention.

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Portrait photo of Daniel Mackisack

Bolsonaro’s Lies about Voting Machines Threaten Democracy

Trump has done it, Borisov has done it, and for a while now Bolsonaro has been doing it too: Spreading lies about voting machines to feed doubts about the outcome of a democratic election.

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A public bench in Tartu, Estonia.

This Week in Democracy Technology: 260,000 Euros Allocated in 2 Participatory Budgets

A round up of news from the world of democracy technology from the week 16 - 21 October.

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Does Citizens’ Participation become scalable through AI?

Artificial Intelligence can help scale participatory and deliberative democracy, but there are some caveats.

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