Welcome to Democracy Technologies, your go-to online magazine for comprehensive insights into the world of digital participation, deliberation, e-voting and other digital tools for political processes and organisations. Our dedicated team established this platform with a shared passion to equip individuals working in politics and the democracy technology industry with up-to-date information on developments and discussions in the field.

Laura Giesen

Programme Manager & Editor in Chief

Background: European Studies & Socio-Ecological Economics and Policy.
Areas of work: Management and strategy of Democracy Technologies, editing & occasionally writing on AI in participatory democracy and participation in climate change policy.
Random fact: Spends a lot of time making mental packing lists for long-distance cycling trips that are put into practice much less often than she wants to.

Graham Wetherall-Grujić

Deputy Editor in Chief

Background: Studied and taught philosophy before working as a translator and editor on topics ranging from music to politics.
Areas of work: Writing and editing for the magazine with a focus on voting technologies & digital participation .
Random fact: Helped produce the audio description versions on a couple of films.

Maddalena Landi


Background: International Politics and Socio-Ecological Economics & Policy.
Areas of work: Researching topics of democracy technologies and keeping the database up to date.
Random fact: Before university she studied theater at the National Youth Theater in London.

Daniel Mackisack

Product development lead & Editor

Background: Comparative democratisation, social geometry, international development, tech entrepreneurship and diplomacy.
Areas of work: Product development, writing with a focus industry news.
Random fact: A huge space nerd – fusing that with his love of democracy by writing sci-fi and advocating for public interest space policy.

Edward Strasser


Background: Always lived with and for politics – starting with the student council at school, after that from different perspectives – the inside, as an advisor, as a satisfied or disappointed citizen, but always with the mindset that things can be solved, it's only a question of how.
Areas of work: Strategy & business development, networking, partnerships – trying to learn about the rapid development of this sector as much as possible.
Random fact: Ran a software company once – would rather not do this again.

Raphaëlle Bres

Marketing Freelancer

Background: Worked in communications and marketing in the media industry, and for an anti-corruption NGO.
Areas of work: Anything related to online communications and marketing, from content to SEO and ads.
Random fact: Finally started to enjoy board games in 2021.

Mouna Massaoudi

Programme Assistant

Background: International Relations and Migration Studies
Areas of work: Copy editing articles on Democracy technologies and producing the Social Media content.
Random fact: Is left handed.