18 November 2022

  • This week saw the launch of Kosmo, a Berlin based project to develop an AI supported system that helps moderate contributions to digital platforms. Emerging from a collaboration between Liquid Democracy, the Institute for Participatory Design and the Dusseldorf Institute for Internet and Democracy, the project aims to improve the quality of online discussions and deliberations by making them easier to moderate and more appealing to be a part of. It aims to be useful to not only discussion forums, but also news sites and participatory platforms.

  • Over in Brussels, the capital region announced yesterday the creation of a Citizens Climate Council, which will see 10,000 invites sent out as the first stage of creating a 100 member citizen assembly. With the first meeting set for the beginning of 2023, potential participants will start receiving their invites on November 22nd. The council will be tasked with drafting the cities’ 2050 mission and making recommendations to the government. If the government opts not to enact recommendations, they must explain why to the council. Brussels has developed its own platform for citizen participation – faireBXLsamen.

  • In the UK, Londoners are being offered the chance to have their say about the Metropolitan Police. A perception survey, utilising a tool called Blockwise by Zencity, is being conducted until December and allows citizens to offer anonymous persistent feedback and suggestions, that are then passed on. London police hope that the survey will help them understand how safe people feel, levels of trust towards the police, and areas of concern for citizens. A summary of the results will be published at the conclusion of the trial.

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