by Innovation in Politics Institute

Digital Tools to Help Political Parties

Democracy technologies aren’t just for managing deliberative and participatory processes, they can also be used to build, manage and grow political parties. Here are a few examples of tools that might help.

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Online Voting Needs Recognised Security Standards

After years of build-up, the Danish voting company Assembly Voting is expanding quickly. Founder and CEO Jacob Gyldenkærne explains his vision and his belief in security and quality standards.

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Kosmo was launched at the Berlin office of Liquid Democracy

Exploring AI Moderation – A ‘Kosmo’ Journey

A group of Germany-based organisations recently launched a prototype AI experiment which aims to radically improve online deliberation and help moderators by analysing and elevating quality contributions.

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Vote now

Do citizens assemblies, despite having no legislative power, bring democracy forward?


Decent Digital ID – I Want It and Democracy Needs It

While we weren’t looking, identity systems for now critical parts of our lives became an absolute mess. Perhaps it’s time we did something about that.

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The World According to AI

Politicians are automatically men, and women are overtly sexualised: Our experiences with the biases of AI image generators.

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