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Security Standards

NemoVote is fully GDPR/DSGVO conform; The application is hosted on servers in Germany


Nemovote voting software was designed to collect audience feedback during events and meetings. Deployed online as NemoCloud, the platform allows participants to submit votes both in advance and in real-time. The company is based in Herrenberg, Germany. Nemovote is intended as a tool to help NGOs, churches, student associations, and other organizations to set up online voting processes. It is best used for casting votes, electing members, and getting feedback from audiences. The highly customisable software allows each user to set up their own administrative platform from which they can run all the elections in a given community. NemoVote also has a white labeling option that allows customers to use their own logo. The company also offers the possibility to vote offline: They ship a NemoBox computer that runs NemoVote with a dedicated wireless network specifically for voting – no internet access required.

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