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Neighborland is a public engagement platform that allows city planners to collaborate effectively with stakeholders. Neighborland Inc is based in Boulder, Colorado. It is designed for government agencies, developers, and civic organisations. The software is designed for planners to collaborate with their stakeholders in an accessible, participatory, and equitable way. Its aim is to empower people to be active participants in the shaping of their neighbourhoods. The outreach method utilised by this platform has proved to be highly effective, making it possible for government agencies to reach ten to one hundred times the level of participation compared to traditional outreach methods. The software is easily customisable. Project managers can easily develop project sites using a modular CMS and then modify them as necessary as their project progresses. Neighborland Inc. also has a long history of partnering with urban planning and facilitation consultants, and offer their expertise to their customers in the areas of transportation, economic development, parks, and resilience planning projects.

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