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Pricing Scheme

SaaS tool for self-use is priced between $30-199/month as a webapp (enterprise pricing above that). Pricing based on features, data storage and intensity of use. Management services and pricing is optional and separate.

Security Standards

Privacy Policy v1.3


MainCross integrates content, community, workflows, and commerce within a personalised network site, allowing organisations to configure, customise, and moderate their networks. MainCross offers distinct features such as Cadre Connect, enabling the gathering, empowerment, tracking, and gamification of cadre performance. The Private Directory feature facilitates efficient searching and filtering of cadre details, including demographics and constituency information. Additionally, Citizen Connect empowers citizens by providing tools to share updates, connect with their representatives, and express their views. MainCross stands out with its user-friendly interface, zero learning curve for publishing and editing, and the flexibility to bring your own frontend for development. The company offers comprehensive services, allowing organisations to not only set up the system but also design processes, moderate interactions, and provide ongoing support. MainCross is adaptable and ensures data portability, allowing users to take their data with them if they decide to switch platforms.

By MainCross Systems Pvt Ltd