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ezVote is secure. The online voting system of user verification assures compliance with the rules and guarantees accurate results.

ezVote Online

ezVote is an online voting and ballot solution which allows users to organise surveys and elections on any scale. Meridia Audience Response is based in Maryland, USA. The platform is aimed at a range of groups, including homeowner associations (HOAs), booster clubs, alumni associations, trade & professional organisations, country clubs, schools, churches, charities, PTAs, NGOs, civic organisations, corporations, and more. The high accessibility of the platform ensures that a ballot can be cast securely using any device. Furthermore, ezVote aims to improve the relationship between organisations and their members. That's why the annual subscription programs they offer allow you to conduct in-depth opinion research in the form of polls and surveys. Each package is customisable to meet an organisation's needs. The company also offers many free online resources to guide you through the process of online voting.

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