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DemocracyOS is free open-source software for online deliberations which seeks to restore robust public debate. It is designed to maximise interaction and debate, defy information hoarding, and enable collective intelligence with an effective impact on the political system. It empowers citizens to bring about a more inclusive, collaborative, open and intelligent social system. It is the first system to build a bridge between the two formal kinds of code in our world: digital software (the net) and the legal contractual system that currently operates most of the governmental processes. Democracia OS is a project from Democracia en Red, a NGO based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The software allows citizens to vote on, track, and debate current legislation in order to encourage public debate and empower citizens to build a more inclusive, collaborative, and open social system. The platform has five distinct tools: participatory budget, public consultation, crowd law-making, goals tracking, and voting of authorities. The software is open-source, so it is entirely customisable to the user's needs. There is also the option to request a custom installation, where the development team at DemocraciaOs can tailor a new version that fits the project.

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