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Decidim is a free, open-source, digital platform for citizen participation which includes a wide range of features from assemblies to voting. Based in Barcelona, Spain, Decidim can be used in a wide range of contexts from local governments to NGOs, to universities and associations. Its features allow users to set up their participatory processes in the process dedicated area. The assemblies feature allows users to set up decision-making groups that can take charge of a specific topic, set the agenda, and establish regular meetings both online and in person. Through a safely encrypted voting system, citizens can also vote on referendums and trigger discussions, and debates. Within the platform, participants can also set up initiatives, discuss, debate and disseminate projects. The open-source nature of the platform and the fact that it is freely accessible by anyone makes it stand out over other platforms. Each feature of Decidim is customisable to the users' needs. From different voting systems to survey design, each component can be tailored to suit the task at hand. Decidim also offers a wide range of online documentation to support the installing and setting-up process.

By Decidim Free Software Association

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