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Security Standards

They encrypt the transmission of person data using secure encryption protocol technology (Secure Socket Layer or SSL)


Cocoriko is a public participation platform designed to increase citizen engagement, by allowing users to collect ideas from two directions (local politicians and citizens), run discussion about their pros and cons, and display the results in reports and maps. Cocoriko is based in Quebec, Canada, and is mostly used for collaborative, consensus-focused, decision-making processes. The platform allows policy makers to gauge the level of agreement and feelings towards each proposal. The results are ordered in such a way that they can be easily understood at a glance. There is the possibility to create surveys as well as encourage constructive and respectful exchanges through comments. In-built interactive maps allow users to see submissions and attendance in one geographic location. Lastly, the platform provides for real-time statistics. Cocoriko also offers a blog and webinars, most of them free of charge.


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