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Citizen Space

Citizen space is an engagement tool, tailored for government, to help boost citizens' participation in all aspects of the democratic processes, from spatial planning to flood strategy and climate response. Delib, Citizen space's provider, has its headquarters in London, UK, but has offices in Australia and New Zealand as well. The tool can be used for statutory consultations, to gather expert testimony for public inquiries, and for community engagement. For example, with Citizen Space, one can create an online area to gather the citizens' opinions about a particular topic. In that same space, citizens can also interact and exchange views. Additionally, Citizen Space's Geospatial add-on provides informative maps and enables customers to collect geospatial responses from citizens and stakeholders. The add-on is designed to work seamlessly with other GIS software, with standardized import and export from and to other systems. A final analysis of the results can help government officials to shape new policies. Citizen Space is centralized, easy to control, highly accessible, and ISO:27001 certified. The tool is adaptable to the government's needs with a built-in dashboard and workflow templates. Furthermore, Delib offers external assistance by email or phone call, as well as online knowledge available 24/7.

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