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Cap Collectif

Cap Collectif offers a method of collective intelligence and a digital platform intended for organisations wishing to open up their decision-making processes. Conceived and designed as a real “toolbox” for participation, the Cap Collectif platform works like an independent and fully customisable website. It integrates a multitude of functionalities which can be combined for different participation modules – each responding to its own use: consultation, participatory budget, questionnaire, call for projects, suggestion box, and petition. The company is based in Paris, France. Their clients normally have the following objectives: having a collaborative digital space to collectively build a decision, organising the sharing of information with a large and diversified public, and generating strong mobilisation around a territorial or administrative project. Their clients include ministries, foreign governments, regions, departments, cities, towns, public establishments, companies, and associations. The platform is completely customisable to the needs of the user, and offers functionalities such as a dashboard, an analysis tool, a collaborative agenda, the possibility to set up a multilingual option, an integrated emailing tool, a user manager, advanced notifications, and public API. Cap Collectif also offers a team of participation experts that accompanies the users throughout the realisation of their projects. They also have a moderation tool, and are working towards the integration of an AI analysis tool.


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