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Pricing Scheme

Depends on the number of contacts in your community, starting with € 190,- per month



Security Standards

Full GDRP compliant, Only European Hosting and Subproviders


CamBuildr is all-in-one software to help digital movements organize their data, and optimize communication and workflow. The provider, Campaigning Software GmbH, is based in Vienna, Austria. CamBuildr is used by parties, institutions, and organizations that can benefit from a behaviour-driven database. The software helps to collect every interaction related to the users' contacts. The built-in email tool supports the writing of email campaigns. There is a built-in WYSIWYG editor that allows for the easy creation of landing pages. And finally, CamBuildr offers a platform for apps created for engagement. The software optimizes the launch of any engagement campaign and empowers digital movements and the wide range of templates as well as the WYSIWYG editor allows users to customize each project to their needs. The software also offers data analysis and recommendations.

By Campaigning Software GmbH

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