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They comply with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) guidelines when handling data originating from the EU.


BigPulse is a secure online voting platform that allows running a simple election with a single ballot or a complex election with many ballots. The company is based in Oakland, California. BigPulse was designed for political parties (leadership elections, committee elections, governance votes, rule changes) and local government (council elections, municipal elections, political party elections, staff votes). Their system is easy to set up, and uses a unique verification method which enables voters to self-audit the vote counts and verify the accurate recording of their own votes. The data is secure, backed up, tamper-proof and protected. BigPulse uses the highest security standards and vote count verification protocol. Voters can only vote once. The voting system is customisable as it supports all major voting methods such as first past the post; single transferable vote (STV) – proportional representation, preferential, instant runoff; weighted voting, split voting, cumulative voting, and range voting. BigPulse Inc. offers 24/7 technical support as well as the option of using paper ballots.

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