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Council of Europe Calls Public Consultation on Deliberative Democracy

The European Committee on Democracy and Governance of the Council of Europe has launched a public consultation on its draft recommendation on Deliberative Democracy.

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VOTO: Expanding Youth Participation in Cottbus

In the Germany city of Cottbus, the VOTO voting advice app is being used to encourage young voters to find out more about the candidates in the election for the city's Lord Mayor. An interview with Julius Oblong, Founder of VOTO, and Lea Brunn, Children and Youth Commissioner, City of Cottbus.

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DemocracyNext: Replacing Elections with Deliberation

Claudia Chwalisz is the founder and CEO of DemocracyNext, a research and action institute launched in September 2022 which aims to establish new institutions for government founded on the principles of participation, representation and deliberation. We talked to her about a future where elections and parliaments have been replaced by an ecosystem of deliberative bodies of citizens selected exclusively by lottery. A conversation about deliberative democracy, and the role digital tools can play in it.

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Kutná Hora – Where Students Manage the Participatory Budget

One of the most effective solutions to boost interest in Participatory Budgeting has been their introduction in schools. With modest budgets, they nonetheless yield high participation rates. And more importantly, they educate a new generation of citizens on how to get involved in local government.

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F21C7N Young girl teaches her grandmother to work on the computer.

How Cascais includes elderly people in digital participation

Governments are digitalising fast, but not everyone is online. Elderly people are often excluded from online participation. International institutions and governments are aware of this problem and are acting on it. One example is the Portuguese city of Cascais. 

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