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How Ukraine Is Involving Citizens In Its Reconstruction Efforts

Interview | Ukraine may still be fighting a war, but its reconstruction efforts are already underway. As a pioneer in digital participation, the country is developing a digital tool that will increase transparency and allow citizens to help shape the rebuilding process.

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Winning Hearts, Minds, and Votes – A panel review

On May 11th, we hosted a panel that discussed how we can convince more people of participatory democracy. The panellists discussed the topic with a focus on positivity and practicality.

Read more – Enabling Successful Petitions at the Local Level

On, citizens can introduce, debate and vote on petitions that will be brought to the table with the respective local governing body once the citizen has received the required support.

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The app by Es geht LOS on a phone screen

An App to Facilitate Outreach for Citizens’ Assemblies

Making a citizen assembly truly representative of the larger population is a logistical challenge. The Es Geht LOS team has now developed an app that automates much of the outreach process.

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Building a Resilient Community in Valongo

The Portuguese city Valongo has developed a programme called 'Switch to Innovation' that fosters citizen engagement and creates a cohesive community through the use of technology.

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