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Will Strategic Trolling Affect Digital Participatory Democracy?

Disinformation has long infected discourse in digital spaces. But with the digitisation of participatory processes, is there a risk that this affects democratic outcomes directly?

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Climate Democracy – Can Participatory Approaches Help Tackle the Tough Decisions Ahead?

Climate change policy requires citizen participation. The Climate Democracy Action (CDA) by People Powered seeks to prepare its participants to make that happen. Clara Bois, Program Manager at People Powered explains how.

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Citizens’ Assemblies: Not Made to Legislate?

Ireland has used citizens assemblies to initiate constitutional reform on issues including abortion and same-sex marriage. But how much power do the assemblies really have?

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Portrait Picture of Stephen Boucher

What Collective Intelligence can do for Democracies

Interview | Stephen Boucher talked to us about how people can be smarter collectively than indivudually and what that means for Democracy.

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Challenges in Digital Participation Across Europe

Our team has been speaking to leaders and professionals from across Europe. We asked them to describe some of the challenges they’ve faced in implementing participatory processes using technology. Answers included mobilising the population, engaging different age groups and getting politicians to take action.

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Democracy Technologies in Action Across Europe

We asked leaders and professionals from across Europe to give us an example of a citizen participation process supported by digital technologies that has been implemented in their municipality or area of work.

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Tiago P. Peixoto giving an interview

World Bank Expert Talks About Digital Divide in Participation

Interview with Tiago C. Peixoto | The existence of a digital divide does not automatically lead to unequal outcomes in digital participation processes.

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A distributed, decentralised network.

Politics on the Blockchain

So-called Decentralised Autonomous Organisations (DAOs) are now forming Political Parties, and even attempting to form States. Here’s why that deserves our attention.

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Participatory Budgets Alone Aren’t Enough

Participatory budgets are all the rage. But the City of Paris is moving to expand its participation formats in new directions.

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A public bench in Tartu, Estonia.

This Week in Democracy Technology: 260,000 Euros Allocated in 2 Participatory Budgets

A round up of news from the world of democracy technology from the week 16 - 21 October.

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France Launches Online Consultation on Sustainable Transport in Rural Areas

Citizens living in sparsely populated areas are invited to submit their feedback and proposals for new transport solutions via an online platform.

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Council of Europe Calls Public Consultation on Deliberative Democracy

The European Committee on Democracy and Governance of the Council of Europe has launched a public consultation on its draft recommendation on Deliberative Democracy.

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VOTO: Expanding Youth Participation in Cottbus

In the Germany city of Cottbus, the VOTO voting advice app is being used to encourage young voters to find out more about the candidates in the election for the city's Lord Mayor. An interview with Julius Oblong, Founder of VOTO, and Lea Brunn, Children and Youth Commissioner, City of Cottbus.

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DemocracyNext: Replacing Elections with Deliberation

Claudia Chwalisz is the founder and CEO of DemocracyNext, a research and action institute launched in September 2022 which aims to establish new institutions for government founded on the principles of participation, representation and deliberation. We talked to her about a future where elections and parliaments have been replaced by an ecosystem of deliberative bodies of citizens selected exclusively by lottery. A conversation about deliberative democracy, and the role digital tools can play in it.

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Kutná Hora – Where Students Manage the Participatory Budget

One of the most effective solutions to boost interest in Participatory Budgeting has been their introduction in schools. With modest budgets, they nonetheless yield high participation rates. And more importantly, they educate a new generation of citizens on how to get involved in local government.

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