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two phones with the logos of decidim and vocdoni

Decidim Partners with Vocdoni to Offer Blockchain Voting

The citizen participation platform Decidim recently added a blockchain-based online voting tool by Vocdoni to its toolbox. We talked to representatives of both organisations about this joining of forces.

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Bulgaria’s Ongoing Voting Machine Saga

After a rapid series of changes to voting rules, Bulgarians are using a variety of paper ballots and machine voting, which is the result of an ongoing struggle between opposing parties. The means of voting itself has become a political issue, threatening to undermine public confidence in the elections.

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Voting Machine Conspiracies On Trial

What does the Dominion vs. Fox case mean for the e-voting industry?

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Jan Wegner, CEO of Polyas

E-Voting, Trust, and the Holy Grail of Political Elections

Polyas is an e-voting company from Germany. Democracy Technologies talked to one of their CEOs, Jan Wegner, about the company’s recent achievements and plans for the future.

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Civic tech Europe

Civic Tech in Europe: Can it Boost Participation in 2024 EU Elections?

How can civic tech improve participation in the 2024 European elections? This was the focus of last night’s event, hosted by the Association of Civic Tech Europe (ACTE) at the European Parliament in Brussels, which brought together some of the biggest names in civic tech in Europe.

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Online Voting Needs Recognised Security Standards

After years of build-up, the Danish voting company Assembly Voting is expanding quickly. Founder and CEO Jacob Gyldenkærne explains his vision and his belief in security and quality standards.

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Councils, Capitals and Commissions

Barcelona is declared 'European Capital of Democracy', the Council of Europe excludes civil society from the first AI treaty and the Indian Electoral Commission demos a remote voting system.

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Phone with error message,blockchain network with dots and connections above it

Blockchain Voting: Decentralised, Transparent Elections?

Blockchain technology could provide essential security features for i-voting. South Korea, Greenland and the USA, are exploring possible implementations. In this article, we investigate the current state of Blockchain-based election systems.

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Access, Accessibility and Alleged Fraud

Wheelchair access is won in Denver's first participatory budget, New South Wales removes i-voting affecting vision impaired citizens, and Bolsonaro supporters storm congressional buildings in Brazil.

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Building Trust Through Transparent Voting

Shai Bargil is co-founder and CEO of Sequent – an Israeli e-voting start-up building an end-to-end verifiable online voting platform for public and private sector elections. We spoke to him about his motivations, the need for trust and the future demand for transparent electronic voting platforms.

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Glorified Printers: The Uncertain Future of Bulgaria’s Voting Machines

The reinstatement of paper ballots in Bulgaria has raised fears of a return to vote buying and electoral manipulation.

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Protests in Favour of Voting Machines, Fidesz Misuses Data, and Arizona Responds to Conspiracies

Hundreds of Bulgarians take to the streets of Sofia to protest against the reintroduction of paper ballots, Fidesz accused of misusing citizens' data in online campaigning, and other news from the week in democracy technology.

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This Week in Democracy Technology: Blockchain Voting, Bolsonaro Rejected and the World Bank Upgrades Cambodia’s GovTech Rating

Bolsonaro's election challenge rejected by the courts, voting machine issues in the USA ruled a "miscommunication", the World Bank upgrades Cambodia's GovTech rating and South Korea to develop blockchain-based voting.

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“Politicians are afraid of instruments they do not control”

Multicast's CEO Giovanni Di Sotto and CTO Roberto Spagna talk about their SkyVote platform, the challenges of hosting a primary online, and the status of e-voting in Italy.

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This Week in Democracy Technology: US Midterms and a Fellowship Opportunity

Calls are open for a Democracy Tech Entrepreneur Fellowship. Until the 20th of November the Alliance for Democracies, an EU based non-profit seeking to strengthen and revitalise the world’s democracies, is taking applications from citizens of Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, and Armenia with an established business and an innovative solution to challenges facing democracy. The US […]

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