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Hard-coded GDPR-compliance features


Voter360 by Stateless is a data management platform built for political campaigns and parties to store and manage all relevant voter information and campaign data. With the Voter360 by Stateless data management platform you can resolve the data chaos: get all the relevant information to talk to your voters to make the best decisions while improving your GDPR compliance. The system is capable of handling two-way integrations with any number of platforms using its central data warehouse as special APIs. Data is stored intuitively around not just people, but addresses, phone numbers, and other entities. With this structure, Voter360 can provide a full overview on the voters with flawless GDPR compliance. Voter360 is not a new CRM-system. It can be used as an extension to membership management systems, CRMs, digital campaigning tools, and many more. Alternatively, it can be used as a product on its own to dispel the data chaos political parties face in the 21th century. Voter360 has three key benefits: first, it provides a top-notch analytical interface with insights and actionable conclusions; second, it grants perfect GDPR compliance by mandatory inclusion of all the relevant metadata; third, with built-in automation functions the software corrects typos and cleans up data, such as email addresses, intuitively.

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