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Pricing Scheme

Implementation fee + monthly fee (€300-500 for organizations, €100 for candidates)

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GDPR compliant

Stateless Canvassing

Stateless Canvassing is a canvassing product designed for political parties for door-to-door campaigns, with a focus on simplicity and the retention of volunteers. The software consists of two parts: address selection, and a simple survey. In addition, campaign managers get access to the authorization settings and a dashboard for visualizing incoming data. Based on a web application, with an in-built offline function for use in areas without network coverage, the interface is self-explanatory and intuitive, requiring no prior training. Due to the simple, straight-forward design of the application, Stateless Canvassing boasts high activist and volunteer retention rates. Based out of Hungary, Stateless is an independent (not party or investor owned) technology company focusing on improving the technological capabilities of pro-democracy parties in Europe.

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