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GDPR compliant, ISO 27001 certified


Scytl provides several solutions for secure online democratic processes. Their main products are Invote Gov and the Scytl participation platform. With Invote Gov, customers can facilitate secure, transparent and certifiable online elections through an individually configured voting platform. For election processes, Scytl provides an integration of Invote Gov votes with other voting channels. Their other product for online participation processes, Scytl participation platform, enables customers to engage with their citizens through an online platform, enabling governments to inform and consult with their constituents, effectively integrating them into decision-making-processes. Furthermore the company offers a suite of election modernization solutions for use in government elections, these include Online Election Training, Results Consolidation, and Election Night Reporting. They are available either as stand-alone products or can be applied in tandem with Scytl's online voting technology.

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