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GDPR compliant is an independent and neutral organisation that strives to involve citizens and mobilise civil society to bring about positive societal transformation. Using a mass consultation method, reaches millions of people to identify widely supported ideas and build collective actions with as much support as possible. They also facilitate stakeholder collaboration, designing impactful projects and moving from consultation to action. The organisation works with three types of operations: Major Causes, Major Debates, and transformation consultations. With each Major Cause, brings together citizens, associations, companies, institutions, and media around a three-year program, using the ideas generated to develop concrete action plans. In Great Debates, supports public authorities and local communities in their participatory democracy initiatives, organising consultations before local, national, and European democratic events in collaboration with the media. Lastly, offers its consultation method and technology to companies and organisations seeking internal transformation or wanting to contribute to positive societal change. has its headquarters in Paris, France.


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