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eSesja – IT system for City Councils

eSesja is a civic tech tool that facilitates electronic distribution of materials for councillors, providing instant access to agendas, meeting materials, and a complete meeting calendar. Based in Poland, eSesja is the most popular system for voting in local governments and supports various voting methods, including by name and by jurors, through intuitive and simple interfaces on laptops, tablets, or smartphones. The software also offers an automatic module for internet broadcasting of proceedings and a residents portal, ensuring compliance with the new act on local government units. Additionally, eSesja provides a discussion management module for organising and facilitating discussions at council meetings and commission sessions, allowing councillors to express their willingness to speak and submit formal applications. The company offers comprehensive services, including setup, process design, moderation, and integration with platforms like Youtube to eliminate transmission costs. eSesja stands out with its user-friendly interface, extensive customisation options, and full compliance with local government regulations.

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