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The EMPATIA project is a platform that offers a range of digital and non-digital tools to support the development, implementation, and evaluation of participatory systems. The platform provides pre-made integrated solutions for common participatory budgeting processes in Europe, but also allows for customised solutions to suit local needs. The project consists of three main components: researching best practices, implementing pilots, and evaluating results. The EMPATIA consortium involves partners with expertise in both traditional and ICT-based participatory processes, and engages a large community of researchers, and activists through more than 400 public events to provide feedback and contribute to the project's success. As part of the project, EMPATIA has collaborated in co-designing and implementing four pilots in communities with varying levels of administrative capacity and experience in participatory budgeting. Each pilot project used a customised version of the EMPATIA platform to cater to the specific needs of the community. The pilot projects were successfully conducted in the cities of Wuppertal, Milan, Lisbon, and Říčany.

By Center for Social Studies (CES) of Coimbra and the EMPATIA consortium

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