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Pricing Scheme

There are three pricing schemes. The Free Forum, Premium Forum, and Enterprise Forum. The first is free. The second has a $625 one-time fee. The third depends on the requirements of the project, but the cost is usually between $2,000 and $9,500.


WCAG 2.0 Level A accessibility requirements

Security Standards

AGPL-3.0 license is a web-based discussion system that promotes civil and efficient online dialogue by visually summarising the opinions of the community and the rationale behind them. The platform helps to focus discussions, even with a large number of participants. It has been used in a variety of contexts, including public engagement between cities and citizens, ideation and deliberation platforms for open-source communities, participatory strategic planning for non-profits and political organising, and decision-making support for co-housing communities. Users can easily create a new forum and customise it by adding logos, background images, and enabling language translation. The platform allows for open-ended questions and feedback on specific proposals, and participants can share their opinions using a slider and a pro and con list. also offers consulting plans, and the company is based in the United States.