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Colidée is a comprehensive online platform that is designed to support collaboration and collective decision-making across organisations and communities. The platform is built around a common set of tools and features, including the ability to share information, participate in ongoing projects, and track progress towards shared goals. One of the key benefits of Colidée is the ability to personalise the platform to fit the specific needs of a given organisation or community. This can be done through a variety of customisation options, like creating create custom workflows, defining specific roles and permissions, and integrating with other tools and systems. In addition to customisation, Colidée also offers a range of features and tools designed to support engagement and participation. These include features like moderation, multimedia galleries, and the possibility to track and follow ideas, as well as organise events and integrate with mobile devices for real-world engagement. Colidée also offers powerful data analysis and synthesis tools, which can help stakeholders to make sense of large amounts of information and inspire conclusions and decision-making. With automatic analysis and synthesis of data, Colidée is a powerful tool for driving conclusions and disseminating results to stakeholders. It is an essential platform for any organisation or community looking to support collaboration and collective decision-making. ETHICS Group is based in Paris, France.


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