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CityMag Mairie

Citymag Mairie is a civic tech tool that enables citizens to easily access information about their municipality. The tool provides a range of features including news broadcasting, event scheduling, emergency communication, private communication, push notifications via emails and SMS, and incident reporting. Citizens can also participate in polls and surveys to provide feedback on public space improvement, and can connect with groups of citizens through mailing lists, news, events, registrations, and surveys. The interactive map of points of interest and directory of professionals and associations help citizens discover their city, while useful links facilitate access to all digital services. The tool is fully customizable, allowing for the integration of existing tools and creation of free content pages. Internal communication is also available for agents and elected officials to manage private communication. Overall, Citymag Mairie offers an all-in-one platform for citizens to stay informed and engaged with their local government. Citymag SAS is based in Merignac, France.

By Citymag SAS