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Building Trust Through Transparent Voting

Shai Bargil is co-founder and CEO of Sequent – an Israeli e-voting start-up building an end-to-end verifiable online voting platform for public and private sector elections. We spoke to him about his motivations, the need for trust and the future demand for transparent electronic voting platforms.

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Depositions, Digital Registers and the Impact of Citizen Assemblies

Nigeria's digital register runs into trouble, France implements a ban based on input from a citizen assembly and Fox Chairman Rupert Murdoch is questioned about Dominion Voting Systems.

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Protests in Favour of Voting Machines, Fidesz Misuses Data, and Arizona Responds to Conspiracies

Hundreds of Bulgarians take to the streets of Sofia to protest against the reintroduction of paper ballots, Fidesz accused of misusing citizens' data in online campaigning, and other news from the week in democracy technology.

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Tech for Justice – Helping Zimbabweans With Civil and Constitutional Rights

Courteney Mukoyi is founder of the Justice Code Foundation and leader behind the development of Astrea Justice — a tool that helps citizens in Zimbabwe navigate their civil and constitutional rights. On November 9, he received the Council of Europe’s Democracy Innovation Award.

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This Week in Democracy Technology: Blockchain Voting, Bolsonaro Rejected and the World Bank Upgrades Cambodia’s GovTech Rating

Bolsonaro's election challenge rejected by the courts, voting machine issues in the USA ruled a "miscommunication", the World Bank upgrades Cambodia's GovTech rating and South Korea to develop blockchain-based voting.

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This Week in Democracy Technology: AI Moderation, Police Surveys and a Citizen Climate Council

A group of German organizations launch an initiative to develop AI to assist moderation on participatory platforms, Londoners are being invited to tell the police how they feel, and Brussels announces a citizen assembly tasked with drafting climate recommendations.

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This Week in Democracy Technology: US Midterms Run Smooth and New Participatory Budgets Launch

No major fraud and only one instance of technical trouble involving voting machines reported in US midterms, Potsdam finishes voting on a participatory budget, while new PBs launch in North Carolina and the Dominican Republic.

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This Week in Democracy Technology: US Midterms and a Fellowship Opportunity

Calls are open for a Democracy Tech Entrepreneur Fellowship. Until the 20th of November the Alliance for Democracies, an EU based non-profit seeking to strengthen and revitalise the world’s democracies, is taking applications from citizens of Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, and Armenia with an established business and an innovative solution to challenges facing democracy. The US […]

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“The evolution of democracy is linked to technology”

Interview with Silvia Caparros, CEO of Scytl, specialist in online voting. The electoral company, Scytl, are experts in providing highly secure solutions for online voting and electoral modernization. CEO, Silvia Caparros, talks about the technology and the services they provide in order to improve and expand democracy.

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Matías Nso, CEO of Kuorum

“The Vote is the Currency of Democracy”

“The vote is the currency of democracy. If you lose trust in the Euro, the economy goes down and if you lose trust in the vote, then democracy goes down.”

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“We use AI to empower citizens”

Robert Bjarnason and his team build participation platforms with the goal of improving democratic infrastructure. In this interview, he talks to us about the role of Artificial Intelligence in democracy, and explains what the Citizens Foundation does for platforms for governments around the world.

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portrait of Wietse van Ransbeeck , CitizenLab

A Digital Agora For Citizens To Meet

Interview with Wietse van Ransbeeck, Co-founder and CEO of CitizenLab | With offices in Belgium, the UK and the United States, CitizenLab makes decision-making more inclusive, participatory and responsive.

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Jörg Mitzlaff

Agenda-Setting in Germany and Beyond

With 20 million users, openPetition is a leading platform in Europe for online petitions. Founder and director Jörg Mitzlaff talks to us about the future role of such technologies. 

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Portrait, Ben Fowkes Delib

“Beware of the Leopard“

The UK-based company, Delib, helps governments to involve citizens in decision making, and in turn helps citizens to improve government services for a healthy, functional democracy. Director, Ben Fowkes, on the core services of Delib and trends in the Democracy Technologies industry. 

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