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Successful Digital Participation Needs Political Momentum

Latvia's petition platform ManaBalss won the Innovation in Politics Award 2023 in the category of Democracy Technologies. In this guest article Didzis Melkis, a board member of the Foundation of Public Participation, writes about the political momentum that was a necessary part of the success of ManaBalss.

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The Changing Infrastructure of Democracy

At a panel last Thursday, leaders from two of Europe’s most successful DemTech platforms sat down with two civil society leaders in the same space for a conversation about the changing shape of democracy.

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The Growing Market for Democracy Technologies

With the release of the report on 'Democracy Technologies in Europe' from the Innovation and Politics Institute (IPI) and the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (IDEA), we thought we would wrap up some encouraging notes on the future of the DemTech market.

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Introducing Our AI Panellists

This Thursday May 11 the Innovation in Politics Institute and are hosting Europe’s first Democracy Technology Convention in Warsaw. One of the most exciting panels during the convention will be a discussion on the role of AI in democracy, hosted by our very own Chief Editor, Laura Giesen.

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Joscha Jäger

Parliamentary Data Should be Open Data

Every parliament, in every city, region, nation or even at EU or UN level, produces large amounts of data every day. Where and how is all this parliamentary data stored? Who should have access to it and why is it important?

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The app by Es geht LOS on a phone screen

An App to Facilitate Outreach for Citizens’ Assemblies

Making a citizen assembly truly representative of the larger population is a logistical challenge. The Es Geht LOS team has now developed an app that automates much of the outreach process.

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Participatory Budgeting at EU Level – Promises and Pitfalls

What are the promises and the pitfalls of participatory budgeting at the EU level? These questions were discussed on a panel discussion organised by Euractiv, five participants, including Andrea Erdai from the European Commission, Elisa Lironi of the European Citizen Action Service, and Member of the European Parliament Helmut Scholtz, explored the

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two phones with the logos of decidim and vocdoni

Decidim Partners with Vocdoni to Offer Blockchain Voting

The citizen participation platform Decidim recently added a blockchain-based online voting tool by Vocdoni to its toolbox. We talked to representatives of both organisations about this joining of forces.

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Growing a Global Citizen Participation Platform

CitizenLab has emerged as one of the leading platforms in the global market for citizen participation tools. We spoke to CEO Wietse Van Ransbeeck about his thoughts on growth and the future of the industry.

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Robert Bjarnason of Your Priorities

Building Democracy Technology as a Non-Profit Organisation

'Your Priorities' is developed by the Icelandic Citizens Foundation and was recently rated the top platform by People Powered. We spoke to Foundation president Robert Bjarnason about how they operate and the future of the platform.

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Scan a QR-Code and Participate – The Story of PLACEm

Interview | PLACEm, an easy-to-use, location-based participation app is a finalist in the Innovation in Politics Awards in the category of Democracy Technologies. Gregor Dehmel co-founded Politik zum Anfassen, which published PLACEm. We talked to him about his experiences in the project, from hiring developers to bringing the app to the users.

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The Status of EU-Wide e-ID

Last week the EU Parliament voted to move into interinstitutional negotiations around the implementation of an EU-wide electronic ID. Yesterday marked the first of those 'trilogues'. While an e-ID would be of enormous value and help streamline access to public and private services, there are still a few issues to work out.

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Democracy Technologies at the Innovation in Politics Awards Convention

On 11 May, leaders and political innovators from across Europe will gather at the Palace of Culture in Warsaw for this year’s Innovation in Politics Awards. This year they are held as a day-long convention with a special focus on Democracy Technologies.

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Voting Machine Conspiracies On Trial

What does the Dominion vs. Fox case mean for the e-voting industry?

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ACTE – Fighting for the Recognition of the Civic Tech Market

The Brussels-based Association Civic Tech Europe (ACTE) was founded in December 2019 to represent organisations developing civic and citizen-oriented technological solutions (civic tech) at the European level. Democracy Technologies talked to ACTE President Adrien Duguet.

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