24 November 2022

Ratings on Participation Platforms by People Powered 

People Powered has an extensive guide on using and selecting digital participation tools. They developed a rating system in which an international group of participation experts assessed 26 platforms according to the criteria: Price, capacity requirements, features, accessibility, ethics and transparency, and track record and reliability.

The Civic Tech Field Guide

The Civic Tech Field Guide is an extensive collection of resources covering a broad spectrum of technologies for public interest and politics. The more than 7,000 entries are organised in categories and subcategories such as Participatory Democracy and Advocacy Tech, but also books and newsletters.

The SDI Digital Democracy Report 2022

The Digital Democracy Report by the Solonian Democracy Institute (SDI) evaluates 28 tools for digital democracy from 17 countries. The assessment focuses on 6 categories of  functionalities and includes references from clients on the ability to execute a project.

Our Democracy Technologies Database

We have just launched this database of digital tools for citizen participation, i-voting, and political parties. Tools can be filtered by countries where they have been used, functionality, software type – open source, closed source, or partially open source – and a number of other criteria. 

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