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Pavel Bulíček, black and white portrait on a multicoloured background.

Enhancing Transparency with Local Data Portals

The Open Data Catalogue & Data Portal of the Hradec Králové region was the first of its kind in the Czech Republic. It uses interactive maps and other visualisations to make local data accessible to the public.

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A Map of Government: Democracy Guide

When people feel heard and valued by their representatives, they're more likely to engage in the political process. That's the idea behind Democracy Guide (Demokratie-Wegweiser): constructing a map of government officials so that people can easily identify who is responsible for what and who they should reach out to.

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Tomáš Halász and Filip Strýčko of Trollwall. Black and white portraits on a colorful background.

How TrollWall Tackles Online Hate with AI

Online hate and disinformation have significantly clouded public discourse, polarising conversations and marginalising voices, particularly those of women and vulnerable groups. Through cutting-edge AI, TrollWall moderates online debates and comments, aiming to mitigate the harmful effects of online hate and foster inclusivity.

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A portrait of Kateryna Mohylnytska, black and white on a colourful background

Safe Participation in Kyiv: Condominium E-Voting

Kyiv has long been at the forefront of digitalization and civic engagement. With many Ukrainians displaced by the war or unable to attend physical meetings, Condominium E-Voting empowers residents to address vital issues with just a few taps on their devices.

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Adéla Ambrožová, Project Coordinator at the City of Říčany

Change It! Youth Participation in the Czech Republic

Change It! is Říčany's inaugural youth participatory budgeting project, involving youths aged 12 to 25 in city decision-making to foster their interest in public affairs.

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6 Candidates Elected in Digital Primaries

More and more political parties are opening up their leadership contests to online votes. A list of 6 candidates elected in digital primaries.

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