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POLYAS is an online voting tool. It provides a versatile online voting platform that allows users to conduct various types of elections, referendums, and surveys with ease. The software facilitates both binding and non-binding voting, enabling organisations to engage their stakeholders and members in decision-making processes effectively. The POLYAS online voting tool can be used by various types of organisations, businesses, and institutions. Some of POLYAS' unique features include the use of state-of-the-art encryption and cryptographic protocols to safeguard the integrity and confidentiality of votes. It also allows voters to track their cast ballots and ensuring complete transparency. Administrators can tailor the voting process by setting parameters such as voter eligibility, voting periods, and the inclusion of candidate profiles. Additionally, the platform supports multiple voting methods, including anonymous and preferential voting, providing flexibility in the election design. POLYAS offers comprehensive services to support clients throughout the entire election process. The services include: set-up and implementation, process design, moderation and technical support. POLYAS has offices in Berlin and Kassel, as well as St. Gallen, Switzerland.


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