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NosLois is an online platform that provides citizens with factual information on laws under preparation, enabling them to take a position and make their voices heard. Through the platform, users can access reliable information on legislative work and official summaries, and express their views confidentially and undisturbedly. The platform also sends alerts on new projects and proposals related to chosen topics, and allows users to personalise their interface while keeping them informed of recent and current texts. Moderated comments and anonymous contributions ensure a safe and comfortable environment for users to express their opinions. The ultimate goal of NosLois is to modernise democracy by leveraging technology and public data for the benefit of citizens and elected representatives alike. From the perspective of parliamentarians, the NosLois application provides a unique interface for communication and measuring public opinion in their constituency. The app automates communication, so there is no need to dedicate a team to a new tool, and it updates the news feed daily using data from the National Assembly and the Senate. If a parliamentarian deposits a bill, the app alerts all users, providing quick and efficient feedback. Civicpower Association is based in Givors, France.

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