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Mapotic is an online platform that provides interactive urban planning maps and remote sensing map outputs. By linking different geographic and non-geographic data, it offers up-to-date information on ongoing projects, future challenges, and the impact of city improvements. It can easily automate the flow of IoT data, which can be visualized in an attractive and easy-to-understand format. This helps decision-makers get better insights and evidence, while citizens gain a better understanding of what's happening in their area. The maps can be used for monitoring traffic, displaying cyclists and pedestrians, highlighting important services in the region, and presenting the impact of measures that are already in place. Mapotic's free online map builder allows for the easy combination of data from different existing databases into one easy-to-understand visualization that provides residents with up-to-date information. It requires no GIS knowledge or data expertise, making it a simple solution for local governments to plan changes in their area, whether it be infrastructure improvements, city services, or environmental measures. The platform offers mobile apps besides web outputs, and clients can easily build their own branded maps mobile app. Mapotic is based in Prague, Czech Republic.

By Mapotic s.r.o.