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Helios Voting

Helios is a web portal that allows registered users to create verifiable online elections. Each account requires an email address, name, and a password. The registered user can then create an election by specifying a name and time period. The user who created the election is known as the administrator of the election. Once an election is created, Helios provides a public key to the administrator. The administrator prepares the ballot and creates a voter roll, which can be edited at any time before voting starts. The administrator freezes the election when the election is ready for voters to cast ballots. When the election is frozen, no changes can be made to the ballot, voter roll, or election time frame. Its offices are located in Mountain View, California. The portal is ideal for online software communities, local clubs, student government, and other environments where trustworthy, secret- ballot elections are required but coercion is not a serious concern. Helios voting uses end-to-end verifiability which makes the voting system secure and verifiable.

By Ben Adida

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