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Die Dialogzentrale

Die Dialogzentrale is an integrated platform serving as an information, participation, and transparency hub. Die Dialogzentrale acts as a comprehensive information, participation, and transparency platform. It accommodates essential participation information, employs modular engagement tools, and ensures transparent process mapping. This versatile platform caters to diverse participatory processes in urban planning, employing tried-and-tested modules such as map dialog, idea collection, Q&A, defect reporting, variant discussion, text annotation, participatory budgeting, and opinion monitoring. It is highly customizable, allowing users to easily fill the platform with content and design without prior technical knowledge. Modules can be flexibly combined and structured. Die Dialogzentrale offers a range of services including a quick setup; editorial support, specifically assistance with content and layout design; moderation interface for effective engagement; support in exporting contributions and presenting results. Furthermore, Zebralog provides experienced experts for digital participation formats. Zebralog is headquartered in Berlin, with offices in Bonn and Luxembourg.

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