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ConsultVox is a company that specializes in creating online platforms that promote citizen participation. They offer a range of tools such as call for ideas, participatory maps, virtual round tables, citizen-based reporting, participatory budgeting, questionnaires, connected posters for voting, and a dematerialized register for public inquiries. The company has four pillars which include obtaining local and concrete solutions, making information on projects available, respecting individual data, and getting feedback from people. ConsultVox provides an easy-to-use administration interface, allowing for the creation and administration of citizen participation modules. The platform offers interactive dashboards to track traffic and sources, optimized administration rights management, and simplified exports of contributions and data. It also provides intuitive access to the citizen consultation platform with no download required, and integration of their tools into websites. The citizen participation modules are directly accessible from corporate sites, intranet/extranet, and several websites at the same time, making it easy for individuals and organizations to engage with their communities. ConsultVox is based in Lille, France.

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