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Alpha Vote

It is a voting solution provider, which specializes in secured voting systems. With the Alpha Vote voting platform participants can vote at the ballot box in the designated offices, but also using a smartphone, tablet, or computer with internet access and from any browser. The multi-channel voting system offered by Kercia is fully secure and places great emphasis on fraud prevention. Each participant has data that is systematically checked by the system, so it is impossible to vote twice with the same system data. Furthermore, Kercia offers the possibility to have personalized support: a dedicated contact person, customization of the ballot, and legal expertise. To ensure securitization, the system is audited regularly and complies with CNIL recommendations. Finally, the voting platform is very adaptable and can be customized to the project's needs, there is a multi-channel voting system as well as media customization. Kercia is based in Grenoble and Paris, France. Alpha Vote is used for every type of online voting: from schools and general assemblies to citizen processes and referenda.

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