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A computer screen displays the image of a vote being cast in a ballot box.

Online Voting: The Essentials

Online voting is becoming more and more common, from major elections to party primaries and other lower-stakes contexts. Yet its use raises a whole series of fundamental questions, from technological challenges to security risks and the thorny issues of public trust and transparency.

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two phones with the logos of decidim and vocdoni

Decidim Partners with Vocdoni to Offer Blockchain Voting

The citizen participation platform Decidim recently added a blockchain-based online voting tool by Vocdoni to its toolbox. We talked to representatives of both organisations about this joining of forces.

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Phone with error message,blockchain network with dots and connections above it

Blockchain Voting: Decentralised, Transparent Elections?

Blockchain technology could provide essential security features for i-voting. South Korea, Greenland and the USA, are exploring possible implementations. In this article, we investigate the current state of Blockchain-based election systems.

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Asian businessman using the smart mobile phone to access on phone with laptop for validate password for biometric two steps authentication to unlock security, Business Technology security Concept

Is Internet Voting Safe?

In 2005, Estonia held its first general election over the internet, becoming the first country in Europe to fully introduce i-voting. Initially, less than 2 % of voters chose to cast their vote online, but over the years, that number grew to over 40 %. Internet voting has become routine practice, so much so that it is no longer predicted by age, education, gender, or income.

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