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Former mayor of Madrid Manuela Carmena, pictured in 2018. Her administration launched the "Decide Madrid" platform in 2015.

Decide Madrid and Consul Democracy: When the Export Surpasses the Original

Launched in 2015, the digital participation platform Decide Madrid attracted praise from the international community. The software behind it, Consul Democracy, is now used in 35 countries around the world. Yet local residents have voiced frustration that their inputs to the platform are rarely acted on. And following a change in local government in 2019, the fate of the project began to look uncertain.

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Consensus Building in Taiwan, the Poster Child of Digital Democracy

Taiwan is a world-leader in digital democracy. It all started with vTaiwan, an online participation platform powered by Polis. Launched in 2015, it has transformed how the government brings stakeholders together, allowing for a more inclusive approach to legislation.

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