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9 Partners Governments Can Team up With to Counter Disinformation

the use of social media as a source for information has made the spread of disinformation easier. Governments they can partner with or support other organisations and institutions in countering disinformation.

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How Governments Can Fight Disinformation with High-quality Communication

to fight disinformation, preventing a falsehood from taking hold in the first place is far easier than trying to debunk it after it has spread.

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A stylised map of Italy in blue, against a background of red and blue vertical bars.

How Italy’s Government is Using AI

Governments around the world are already using AI in their daily work – but the rollout already varies drastically from country to country, depending on a whole host of factors. We take a look at the example of Italy, examining their current uses of AI, from public service chatbots and catching tax evaders to developing new policies, and consider some of the challenges they have faced.

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