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Michal Hladký, Director of Creative Industry Košice

“A Must for Every City”: Open Data in Košice

Košice is a city of around 230,000 people in Eastern Slovakia. To harness the potential of data to improve services within the city, they launched Košice 2.0 – a transformative journey towards a smart, responsive city. We spoke to Michal Hladký, Director of Creative Industry Košice.

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Marchers at the 2022 Pride Parade (Parada Ponosa) in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Young and Online: Can Internet Forums Bring Politics Closer to LGBTIQ+ Youth?

“Young Queer people approach politics differently than the average voter, both in terms of being Queer as well as being young,” explains Rene Koradin from the organisation DIH (Slovenian for “BREATH”). “But as anywhere, there are many different intersecting identities at play among Queer youth. That’s why we believe that facilitating an open debate is […]

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Parlameter: Increasing Civic Engagement through Digital Transparency

Digital transparency tools make it easier for political institutions to share information with the public – but does transparency lead to a more engaged and politically active public? We looked into the story of Parlameter, an online tool for enhancing transparency, to see how it promotes public engagement at both the national and local level.

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